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To process any change, create a poll in #changes. There are two types of changes the community can request: rule changes and guideline changes. A rule is something an admin must enforce. A guideline is something an admin can choose to enforce.

  • Example of a rule: no pictures of cats are allowed
    • There is no room for interpretation
  • Example of a guideline: content about DSU should be posted in #dsu
    • The admin should use their best judgement about wether to remove the post or direct the user to #dsu

Common Change Requirements

  • Time polls are open: 1 week
  • Admin affirmation: at least one admin must vote yes for the change
  • Change must be technically possible. Remember we're on the free tier of slack so features are limited.

Rule Change Requirements

  • Respondents required: 50
  • Affirmative responses required: 60%

Guideline Change Requirements

  • Respondents required: 25
  • Affirmative responses required: 51%